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Deep in the Forest

Deep in the Forest is a BL /Yaoi Visual Novel set in a medieval-like fantasy world.

Jan has been unlucky in his search for work so far, but now he has a great chance: he only needs to win the trust of his uncle and then gets to inherit his apothecary shop!

Learning the ropes seems easy, but... what are those rumors about strange sightings in the forest?

Planned features for the full game:

  • Around 100k words of light-hearted romance and fantastic adventures!

  • One route, seven love interests: choose who you want to be Jan's adventure partner.

  • Some (easy) mini-games.

  • Windows, Mac, Linux, and Android builds.

Demo features:

  • 15k words.

  • Meeting the seven love interests.

  • 2 mini-games (one will be updated and improved).

  • Windows, Mac, and Linux builds.

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