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My Burning Heart

My Burning Heart is a story set in a 1001 Nights world.

Our protagonist, Adnan, gets sold as a slave and, instead of being sent to work in the fields, as he expected, he ends up in a Sultan's harem... Although they try to trick him with good words and promises of being well fed and no physical punishments, he decides to comply with the Sultan's orders... but only while he plans his escape from the palace.


  • 67k words (around 5 hours of gameplay)

  • 2 routes, each one with a good and a bad ending, plus an additional good end with the villain (100% consensual!)

  • Stunning CGs, fully uncensored!

  • Telltales on each choice to help you get your chosen route.

  • English and German versions.

Coming soon:

  • French and Spanish versions.

  • Full voice acting in English.

Trigger warning for dub-con, and also for non-con in one of the bad endings (which can be easily avoided). 

Rating: Explicit 

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